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So I posted a fan made video of v before and saw a lot of people like it so I decided to show more I found Note:these videos I did not make all credit goes to owners! Part 1: if they are liked enough I'll do the rest of the members:)
Let's start with suga ! Sweet suga!! This video actually makes me appreciate suga a lot more than usual thank you suga booga lol.
Next is Jimin aka chim chim !! All I can say is wow thank you to the person who made this Please let me know if you would like me to post more Enjoy ;) spread the bts love!
um okay so i watched the suga one and i was like 'okay suga you're looking good' but then i listened to the lyrics and i was like WHOA OMG hahahahhahahhhahahhahahaha
More pretty please!:-)
of course you should post more
please add more!^^
@taetaebaozi it's not only you. this card is trying to burn me up...gah jimin needs to stop!!!
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