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In this challenge all you have to do is pick an anime show and say wat u would different in that series to make it better. comment and tell me your ideas!!
Naruto. Jiraiya not dying and getting to see Naruto become Hokage. 😭 Or Soul Eater and making the anime like the manga instead of how they did it.
@GregSchulte the manga is 113 chapters. The ending in the anime never happened in the manga. The main fight in the manga is way longer and way more awesome.
Soul eater spin off focused on stein from his days as a child to student and see his descent into madness and redemption dbz let vegeta finally have his friggin moment and beat the main villian of the arc for good after goku failed bleach actually make the full ringer arc mean more then oh these guys will be in the next arc so remeber them for later show more bankai and have starrk alive working with shunsui and the gotei 13 sorry for the rant but I have so many ideas I couldn't pick just one
u shud try to apply somewhere, never let go of ur passion. you will find something I know it.😆
@JesusSantos kudnt agree more lol
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