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안녕핫애요 Hello everyone this is me.
I'm not that popular on vingle so i doubt this matters but just because yolo i wanted to introduce myself. Hi this is me. Kpop is the best thing that has come into my life it has changed me in so many good ways. It motivated me to believe in myself and go after my dreams. I have started learning korean and my dream is to visit/move there. Also i can not imagine my future husband not being korean. It's an impossibility.
Got7 is my buas group and Jackson is my love. Honestly he gives me the worst fangirl feels. Exo was my first group and i still love and support them. I will always be an Exo-L. but most recently i became an IGot7 with "Just right" and 니가하ㅋ면. Chanyeol was my first ever kpop love and he still owns a special place in my heart.
these guys are the best ♥ . since i got on vingle people have been so nice to me. Thanks to all my kpop vingle friends.
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ah dang it your right how could i be so stupid! well i feel like the idoit of the century. i'm sorry Jackson :'( lol but i doubt he would be heart broken at losing me XD Jackson i will always love you ♥ @kpopandkimchi
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안녕! 마나서방갑습니다 :) lol we have a lot in common Exo was my first group too and Chanyeol was my first love(still love him more than anything hes just my second Ultimate bias now GDragon is my #1 love)
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아녕 cool nice to meet another chanyeol biased exo-l :) yes GD is awesome. it's hard being head over heals for a person who lives a million miles away and will never know you exisit. also being though you are mentally your parents XD i guess that is what makes vingle so refreshing. @Marilovexoxo
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@kpopisnylife yes it sucks big time but vingle is the perfect place to express your love for your bias as much as you want and where we can all fan girl together
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