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This made me laugh bc it's so true!!
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Remember the elders saying that the Hokage is a position given and earned by the people but ultimately chosen you can't graduate to Hokage like the rest unless your proposed by another Hokage. When naruto talks about being Hokage kakashi and Jiraiya both say he is still a Genin and not even a chunin yet. He can't just become Hokage he has to work for it. Not saying he isn't a Hokage but all previous Hokage were jounin rank before chosen unlike naruto. Lol. So he slid the lucky one who skipped all the test by showing his true strengths and his will to believe in himself and guys to never give up. @Shemoo
Indef agree with you and naruto is amazing so nothing to worry about there either. @Shemoo
@LuffyNewman but is is true tho, for the whole serie their ranks staid the same and both were pretty strong. i mean, remember the fight with sasuke in the 5 kage summon ... lol.. pretty epic
@Shemoo yeah def epic for sure. Could you imagine either one of them trying the chunin and jounin exams. It would be unfair to everyone. Like the special where konohamaru wants to fight naruto and just doesn't stand a chance. He did blog but no chance. Sasuke 20 some years old trying for the chunin exams haha
personally I think the leaf should give naruto a promotion straight to jonin just like shikimaru. he is more than deserving. sasuke abandoned the village which is my Idk about him