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I thought I would say hi to everyone! I'm Amber, 37 years awesome, and a total kpop noona. Yes, I'm a crazy mom who spent all my savings to be VVIP at TRBinDallas and I would do it again because I'm a kpop addict. It's been almost a year since I really got fascinated with Korean pop, culture, food, etc. I've met some great new friends and had such a positive change in my attitude since I made the switch to listening to kpop. My bias in BTS is Rap Monster and after TRB JHope is also my bias. A girl can have two, right? I also, adore GOT7, SHINee, TOP, Seventeen, EXO, SuJu, Big Bang, Topp Dogg (I miss Kidoh), etc. Who are some of your faves? Are you a kpop noons? Cmment below!
I lvoe hearing about people falling in love with other members once they see them live hahah I have a feeling I would TOTALLY fall for Jhope!!!
my mom's a kpop Noona! @rocburcoc
Yay! I don't feel alone! I'm 34 and just digging in. Omg, where were these boys when we were teens?! They put our boy bands to shame! :) My current obsession is Monsta X, but I also love BTS, Shinee, 4 Second and I could keep going... I'd be super happy to talk to anyone my age about it. Haha!
I'm glad there's so many noonas 馃槃
I'm 30 馃檶
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