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wonder why GOT7 don't have a video for this? cr: to owner.
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@luna1171 Kenny, Jre and SalV
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@CreeTheOtaku.. I l looked them up on YT.. wow.. amazing they really do the cover in Eng.? I watched a couple of videos. cool. I didn't know about them.. I keep finding new things ... haha .
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@luna1171 Yeah they met all big bang members at Las Vegas Made concert. and Bam Bam recognized Kenny At kcon and mentioned him on twitter. Kenny also met sistar and Monsta x at kcon. Jre got recognized and mentioned by Taeyang, Ailee, and Jay park. You should check out their videos their great!
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@AnnahiZaragoza....yes yes I did watch few videos wow..they are good..
2 years ago·Reply go vote for Got7 😍😍
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