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Hey dudes! My name is Ayoka, but I'd prefer if I was called Nekochan...or Mikey...I wouldn't mind that either. I'm new to Vingle, so I thought I'd introduce myself a little. I'm 15 years old, and my birthday is August third. I love anime, tmnt (clearly), cats, music of all kinds, writing and reading fanfiction, and drawing. I loooovee drawing. I've got 4 little siblings and a Mondo hectic life. (oh, what I wouldn't do for a tropical getaway) I'm a little scared, joining a new community does that to me, but I look forward to being a part. Nice to meet! :)
@shannonl5: mostly anime(inuyasha and black butler are some personal favorites), and a lot of tmnt. I like teen titans too. I have a bunch of oc's scetchbook is mainly oc's before I started drawing turtles.
@shannonl5: yeah I do
@Nekochan55000 cool! What fandoms? just anime?
Do you draw your own fanart?