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Welcome, and good evening! Today I present...
Jae Park from Day6! A lot of you may not know him yet, but he's my ultimate bias :) Check out their latest:
A few facts about Jae: Birthday: September 15, 1992 Height: 182 cm/5'9'' Blood Type: B •He can play the guitar 🎸 (he has to for the band) •He is the main vocalist and a rapper. •He was born in Argentina, and moved to California when he was five. Now he lives in Korea. •He loves chickens [Source:]
Him and his guitar :)
As far as I know, his glasses are real!
He also speaks English and his Twitter hashtags are the LONGEST. I'd say that he's known for his #SuperLongHashtags.
He really LOVES chickens *cough* look at this picture *cough* and...just...loves them so much 🍗
Thats it for today, folks! Lights...out!
((And happy 3-days-until Halloween!))
oh i know him and hes definitely my number one of the group hes perfect
His hashtags give me life!! XDD
Do you follow him on Instagram? It literally makes my life😆 the hashtags are also never ending on there lol
@kpopandkimchi IKR!!! Like omfg his hashtags 😂😂😂
He was born in Argentina?! I am seriously so in love with him omg hahaha he's so funny on instagram!