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My name is Erika! (✌゚∀゚) let's see something about me?...... OH I love anime, manga and video games (mostly anime video games) and let's see Oh yeah I also like Visual kei and Kpop! <3
Right now I'm currently working and going to collage~ ♡☆♤♧ I speak two languages Spanish and English am currently studying Japanese and Korean lol (。´∀`)ノ I hope we can be good friends! <3
Let's see anime that I'm watching right now are Noragami, Dance with devils amd Diabolik lovers, One punch man /// mostly girly anime lmao but my favorites are Naruto, bleach, tokyo ghoul, attack on titan, noragami, Uta no prince sama, One punch man, one piece, brothers conflict, hakuouki, aoharuxkikanjuu and many more I'll stay up all night just listing them!
Thank you!! yes!! ^^
Not bad, not bad at all...I aprove of your taste.
It's no problem I'm always happy to make new friends :3
Hello welcome and yes we can be good friends
@Mikkaxp Yeah this place is awesome. So many people that like the same things you do! You'll never get lonely (I hope). I spend most of my time looking at things people post 😆
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