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Min Ho @ Incheon Airport leaving for LA Cali USA (Toyota Camry)
I love his black outfit! It reminded me of his City Hunter days. :")
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Goodluck Min Ho..Have a safe trip..muwaahh
4 years ago·Reply
To angelawebb16> I agree,i took off work just to drive 12 hours and now won't be able to see him, what kind of fanmeet is this?
4 years ago·Reply
607 S Park View St, Los Angeles, CA 90057-3311, United States 3:00 pm to 7:00pm march 10,2013 :-)))))))))))
4 years ago·Reply
Toyota Cmary Lee Min Ho
4 years ago·Reply
seem s feel like he possess a kind heart wish to see you in person
4 years ago·Reply