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Just me reviewing this song again, as @jiggzy19 is busy with study... anyway let's get to watching this video ^^

Red Lie - Heyne

And this is why you should never lie to warned people!!! XD
This is the first Heyne song I bought after accidentally stumbling across it through a YouTube recommendation, I'm so glad I did!!! As we have come to expect from Heyne this song is sweeter than a bowl of sugar...which is interesting as it's a breakup/you're gonna regret this/I'm better off without you type song. The rhythm and melody to this song are so addictive and catchy, and that beat just makes you want to get up and dance around the room!!! Which I may or may not have done just now...moving on...Heyne's unique vocals bring the whole thing together into one complete bundle of awesomeness \(^-^)/
(Credit to the owners of the presented MV and photos, I DON NOT own them)
If you are interested in learning more about Heyne you can do so on her main artist of the month cards >>here<<
Oh and remember don't cheat on Heyne, or she'll have her friends hit you with plastic hammers and dodgeballs...while she takes photos of the whole scene ^-^