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If you are a makeup enthusiast like I am, you'll be totally psyched up by these insane make-up looks. If you're ambitious and have a good makeup kit on hand, these looks will wow your fellow party goers this Halloween.

1. Barbie

Youtube makeup wizard Kandee Johnson's Barbie tutorial is achievable with some fun blue contacts, false lashes and tactful contouring.

2. Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull

The fantastical and beautiful Dia De Los Muertos look is a fantastic tribute to the Mexican holiday celebrated as a tribute to love ones passed. You can channel the beauty by designing your own skeleton face.

3. Jared Leto's Joker

This is a great look for males or females. If you've got some body ink and a dream you can achieve this crazy intricate look in a matter of hours. Makeup mavin Madeyewlook specializes in special effects and gore, and her Halloween looks are spectacular.

4. Straight up Skeleton

You can make this any kind of skeleton you want to. It's a cool look that you can throw together in an hour. Get some black body paint and go for it! Top off the look with some black clothing and you're finished!

5. Vampire

Yes it's traditional, but it's easy. Vampires are always sexy and totally fun. You can basically wear whatever you want too. Check out this awesome tutorial that will give some dimension to your look. Get spooky, and high fashion.

Only 2 days until Halloween!!!!

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@TessStevens I love Kandee's costume makeup videos!