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The answer for MV 1 was Up and Down by EXID.
The answer for MV 2 was One Shot by B.A.P.
The answer for MV 3 was Oh! By Girls' Generation, or SNSD. (In some other social media sites, I got the answer "Heart Attack" by AOA. They DID have a similar concept...close!)
And lastly, (I love her nails) the answer for MV 4 was Voodoo Doll by VIXX. Nice play, all!
[Hyuna] So... Who won? The results are in! In first place with the first comment with ALL of the answers correct was @ItsMari. Congratulations! (20 likes on cards). In second place was @ciabri22 with 3 answers right. Congratulations! (15 likes on cards). Third place was @StephyBAP with 3 answers right, but commenting after the second place winner. Congratulations! (10 likes on cards). And lastly, placing fourth was @adikiller with 3 answers eighth, but commenting after the third place winner. Congratulations! (5 likes on cards). Everyone who commented will receive one like on a card (if you posted one, that is)! Thank you for your participation, and a special shoutout to @kpopandkimchi for seeing my post 😱 (I admire your cards and collections so much!)
[Chanyeol] Stay in tune for another quiz coming soon:) first come first serve basis! See you tomorrow morning with a K-Pop Coffee Morning! ☕️