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AOTD: OMFG I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! IT'S GONNA BE SOOOO GOOOD! Like dude I'm gonna go watch it at theaters on November 1st! I'm so excited! I just keep falling and falling towards the plot. I believe this is mystery plot and I'm sure it's going to be exciting. If you look back to Luhan's MV for Medals, it was like a semi-ish trailer for the movie. Then there I the trailer I just watched 2 minutes ago. It kind of shows Luhan as a dick. or like a cocky-ish persona. xD if that even made sense. And Yang Mi is going to be in this movie. YANG MI IS SUCH A GOOD ACTRESS LIKE I LOVE HER. Here is the trailer and the list US theaters that will be playing this movie. (The Witness is on he right side. On the left column is a different movie.) 》Click Here《
@cthulu Haha! Yeah, you too!
@cthulu The closest one to me is an hour away. lol
@cthulu Depending on how things work out, I may go see it tonight, or like Sunday or something.
@cthulu Right?! *fan girl spazing xD
@TashaWatson I get you like bae is gonna be on the screen like that's an achievement and you are watching that screen. it's just a perfect time
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