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long seasons
I'm looking for more episode and seasons to watch like the one I already saw that some are ongoing n some has ended. list I already seen: one piece (ongoing) Naruto (ongoing) bleach (ended) hunter x hunter (ended)
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@tannerb I will check out too. thx.
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gurran lagon it will blow your fucking mind. i recoment steins gate aquarion elfin lied and all the fate series fate zero and fate stay night
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I did watch Gurren lagoon. it is good. the rest I will check it out. Mmm....fate zero series kinda confuse me. I has different name n I don't know what the order r.
2 years ago·Reply
fate zero is the first holy grail war and fate stay night is the 2nd war that takes place 10 years after.
2 years ago·Reply
ahh.... That explain. thx. I will for sure check it out.
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