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Now that the dust has (kind of, sort of, okay not really at all) settled from the release of the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer I found myself wondering something. And it's not just any something, it's probably the most important something that's ever been a thing when it comes to this trailer.
Where. Is. Luke. Skywalker?
I mean, didn't he kind of save the galaxy 30-40 years ago? I think that's a pretty big deal. So shouldn't he be around in this movie? I'm not saying he isn't but I mean, I'm wondering where he is in the trailer. He's even missing from the poster for the movie.
In an earlier trailer, we get a short glimpse of someone putting their hand on R2-D2 and I assume that's Skywalker, especially with the voice over that accompanies the teaser. But that's about it.
And other than being a complete Star Wars fanatic, I've learned over my years of being a film studies student that the things that aren't seen or talked about are just as important as the things that are. This is especially the case for JJ Abrams.
The fact that we're not seeing anything about Skywalker in the marketing campaign could mean (emphasis on "could" I'm honestly just speculating) Skywalker's role within the narrative of the film is a lot bigger than we expect. Or maybe the exact opposite, there's a chance that he'll only show up for a small portion of the film. There are tons of crazy theories out there but the one that seems the most sensible.
If you're not into this thing maybe you should stop reading before you look at the image of text below. But you know, you're good at making decisions. Do whatever you want.
Over at io9, Germain Lussier compiles a lot of these theories and makes sense of one (above). And I, personally, think it's the most probable in terms of all of the theories about where Luke ended up. The movie definitely does have a lot of explaining to do, like where did Kylo Ren get his lightsaber if Luke is the last remaining Jedi and how did he get training?
A lot of people are arguing that instead of hiding, Luke had turned to the Dark Side of the force but I don't know if I could believe this one. It'd definitely be interesting and it wouldn't rub me the wrong way but I feel with the information we currently have, it doesn't make any sense that Luke would shifted to the other side of The Force like that.
Again, though, this is all speculation so who knows what the truth is other than the people actually working on the movie, right? I know that I'll probably be pleased either way. But what do you guys think? Where do you think Luke went off to? Or do you have a different theory of your own? I really want to hear about it. One of my favorite things to do with the media I enjoy is to speculate on what it might be like before it's actually released.
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in the books Luke actually does go to the dark side for a bit and his son and niece have to fight him.