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This movie is one of those rare one's that make you question the motion of time and the power of choice. This movie brings to get her the science of perception, the captivation of art, the power of the mind, and the will of the heart together to show the journey of Nemo, played by Jared Leto, and where his choices take him. There is a lot in this movie that makes you wonder about the impact your choices now have on your future. I feel the most important part of all of the stuff he goes through in the movie is the consistency of loves grand connection that is alive in every choice he has to make. Before I tell y'all the whole movie, enjoy the trailer; believe me, its an eye full.
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Watched this on Netflix at random, I'm glad I did. I also recommend "About Time", as it's a beautiful movie. Don't watch the trailer, it's misleading.
I absolutely loved that movie, some ppl would get impatient n miss out on this masterpiece
What in the hell does "carthartic" mean lmao @allischaaff
@GrowingArt ooh thanks for the heads up @HenryPlacencia cathartic is when you feel an emotional release. Like when you're really frustrated and you go yell for a second, you feel like you've let it all out