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My favorite video ... well it is sooo difficult to choose just one. I would have to put my answer in terms of my top three.The first is Breathe. I love everything about it. The costumes, the concept, everything was so well done. They worked very hard to get this video as perfect as they possibly could and it shows. They do their absolute best for their Beauties and it definitely shows. It is so hard to top perfection - but they do ... with every song and video they produce. As they have matured so has their music. I never know what to expect from them as far as what style of music they will do next - but the one thing that has never disappointed me is the quality of the music, dance, video concept.
The second of three is Shadow. Once again this was perfection - from the concept to the costumes and the choreography. Their voices were so rich and each member were featured so vividly I simply could not take my eyes off of each of them.
The third video that is in my top three is Fact. This video really is an extension of Fiction in the way it grabbed me and has never let me go. The two videos put together has always put me into such a pensive state of mind. I'm not exactly sure why. Really the whole album is my favorite. I absolutely love all of their new music - but I always find myself coming back to the songs contained in that album. Maybe its because I relate to each and every song on such a deep level I just cannot let go of them.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed Day 3 of this Beast 30 day challenge! Please look for my next installment tomorrow.
Good Luck and Breath are my favorite videos!
Thank you - I worked really hard on it stay tuned for Day 4 of the 30 day challenge and Please follow me ...
I agree, Fiction and Fact will forever be my favorite album of Beast! Love your challenge and this card!