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Favorite Korean Actors

Hello! I'm new to Vingle and I saw many inspiring cards of bias lists or favorite dramas and etc. I guess this is a great opportunity to just mention my top 5 actors in K-dramas! This whole list is my opinion so of course everyone may not have the same favorites. It's just a good way to get to know my tastes. Enjoy! ^^
So my #1 favorite actor probably is Kim Soo Hyun! How did I get to know him? From one of my FAVE dramas, My Love from Another Star! His acting throughout the drama just hooked me up. He has never let me down. Another drama I really loved of his is a historical drama called The Moon Embracing the Sun. Honestly, he made me shed TEARS in that.
Aaaaah~ The adorable Song Joong-Ki. I first got to know him from the movie, A Werewolf Boy. Honestly his acting of innocence made me become an instant fan. The drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal made me love him even more because of his clever thinking character. Also not to mention that he was in my favorite variety show, Running Man!