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#GirlsatDhabas is a new social media trend that is getting some big recognition. And for a good reason too.

Women in Pakistan are eating outside, walking to places by themselves, even playing sports outside ...and trust me, it’s a big deal.

What are Dhabas?

Dhabas are pretty much mini outdoor local cafe or bar. They do not serve alcohol, but instead they serve tea and food. They still do not allow women to sit and join in the Dhabas, unless they are accompanied by other women. This movement, creates a space for women to feel comfortable eating and drinking in public. It creates their own dhabas.

How does eating in public empower women?

In a male-dominated culture, showing women in public doing regular activities is a big deal. Because for these women, usually they are expected to be with a male relative to go out in public.
Not only does the movement aim for women to eat at dhabas, but also play cricket and even climb trees, in countries where men typically only engage in these activities.

Props to these ladies for starting an awesome movement. What do you think of this campaign?

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That's so nice XD @Sara3 I don't plan on going to Pakistan soon, but I'd love to learn more about the culture!
@nicolejb I'm going to start posting card for u about Pakistan.
I would LOVE that @Sara3! feel free to tag me:)
Awesome! I always encourage women to do whatever they want, but culture always interferes, and that sucks!
Exactly @CelinaGonzalez it's nice that these women are trying to create a space for them to do what they want!