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Hey everyone! I am @VinMcCarthy, and I'm the mod for the Video Games community here on Vingle, as well as a support member for the Japanese Anime community. XD If that doesn't tell you right off the bat, I'm a giant nerd. I love all things video gaming and most things anime. I sometimes think too deeply about games, because I studied English in college and I like the way narrative can present itself in different mediums. I also like anime because of narrative reasons; things that would be absurd in regular shows or movies are common for anime. Above are some of the particular things I like!
Also, I fucking ​love​ puzzles.
I'm @shannonl5 and I'm the Marvel moderator. My favorite characters are Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, America Chavez, Natasha Romanoff, Kamala Khan, and Bucky Barnes. I also really love BBC Sherlock, DC Comics, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and One Direction. And I am 100% down to get your fanfiction recs!

Tell us three things you geek out about!

Eyyyyy I see more one piece fans than anywhere else
Hello.! I love watching and reading manga. My most favorite of all is forever One Piece. I love it.! Lol next is Tokyo Ghoul, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins), Haikyuu, Shokugeki no Soma (Food wars), and etc. anime is my tv, I'll watch any genre and manga my books technically. Haha I love playing video games too. XD oh yeah.! I love watching Arrow, The Flash, Constantine and Gotham. :D
I love the antihero characters Gambit Deadpool
hi! I'm new, and I'm not quite sure how to vingle on my android. But yessss.... I'm a nerd and proud of it. I was there when Harry Potter was born, and grow as he grew (tho I'm already a young adult when he was 11, so practicly I grew no more). I met manga "Candy Candy" when I was 13y.o. and fell in love with manga even more ever since. I love elves, witches and wizards, and of course hobbits (who dont?)
@zorskychan it's best when sci-fi and horror combine
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Does Nerd Culture Have a Problem?
Are nerd spaces hostile to LGBT+ and female fans? I don't want to give anecdotal evidence, because one person's experience isn't going to be the experience everyone has, but I will say that I personally have avoided a lot of 'nerd' spaces because it didn't seem like there was any institutional support for people who were on the receiving end of any kind of abusive behavior. And since so much of 'nerd' culture is based on this idea that we are outsiders, or that we're a family brought together by our niche interests, it does really disappoint me to hear that someone in the community has experienced harassment. So instead of anecdotes, here's some of what the above Youtuber is talking about: +Zoe Quinn was stalked, harassed, and threatened for months by the gamer community after breaking up with her boyfriend, who used his power in the community to create a mob to go after her. +Lauren Faits was sexually assaulted when she was underage at a convention. left racist and homophobic comments on a post about Sulu. +MariNaomi wrote about her experience on a panel where one of the other panelists repeatedly touched her, asked invasive questions, and crossed her boundaries. Guess who he apologized to? Her husband. +Maddy Meyers wrote about being dismissed by fellow fans at Anime Boston. +And finally, here's John Scalzi's scathing takedown of the harassment policy of the 2015 World Fantasy Convention, and why it actually fails to protect con-goers. This... doesn't feel isolated. It feels a lot more like the culture (and the conventions/institutions that help sustain it) has a serious problem. Do you feel like the suggestions Justin Denis made were helpful? Do you think there's more that we can do as a community to stop these things from happening?