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Welcome to Vingle!!!

You're new here, and it's awesome! We're reaching out to you because we're geeky too and we are SO EXCITED to be nerdy and love the things we love together with you.

Let's get started.

Hey everyone! I am @VinMcCarthy, and I'm the mod for the Video Games community here on Vingle, as well as a support member for the Japanese Anime community. XD If that doesn't tell you right off the bat, I'm a giant nerd. I love all things video gaming and most things anime. I sometimes think too deeply about games, because I studied English in college and I like the way narrative can present itself in different mediums. I also like anime because of narrative reasons; things that would be absurd in regular shows or movies are common for anime. Above are some of the particular things I like!
Also, I fucking ​love​ puzzles.
I'm @shannonl5 and I'm the Marvel moderator. My favorite characters are Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, America Chavez, Natasha Romanoff, Kamala Khan, and Bucky Barnes. I also really love BBC Sherlock, DC Comics, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and One Direction. And I am 100% down to get your fanfiction recs!

Tell us three things you geek out about!

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the manga (in my opinion) will always be better with the exception of the fight scenes
Greetings, human newcomers, I am Shinigami-san. I've been here for a little more than a month, and have met many human that I can indulge my otaku insticts with. Even though I am an immortal God of Death, I am an Anime and Marvel nerd all the same.
@ShinigamiSan haha that's an awesome greeting :D and also belated welcome!! I can't remember if I said hi when you first started (lol a month feels like a long time) so.... yay I'm glad you're here!!!
@shannonl5 Lol you've actually spoken to me a few times 😅. This would be the third time you've greeted me as if you haven't spoken to me. It's ok though, I'm sure you have alot of people to keep track of.
@ShinigamiSan I AM SO SORRY! I have the worst memory :( I keep thinking "oh yeah I totally know them BUT I NEVER INTRODUCED MYSELF OH NO" I always worry people are confused when I start talking to them