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Hey there my Otaku family and how have you guys been? I know someone had to miss me right?
I've been stuck with school but mostly manga and it has just consumed my life. not any type though I've been Into that nice old yuri :3
and I have just been falling in love with them and my what a goddammit ride that has been. people denying they love each other or claiming the love is one sided kind of thing. and things are just to much in the feels for me >_<
I think I'm done with manga for a bit maybe I should go back to my social life ....
lol social life what even is that
@VinMcCarthy it's a mirage and nothing but what seems to be like people but is just beast in tight they seem to walk normal they scavenging for their next pray to make social and to become one of them . just to company in rituals (party's they call it) but my what a foul bunch they are....
welcome back...@gummibawrx interesting pics...shoot me a message with titles of a manga or two
no don't go into the light of day you will dir