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The Weinstein Company must've assumed that no one understood that Bradley Cooper wasn't the only actor in their upcoming movie, Burnt, because they released an online trailer that puts the spotlight on the cast.
It's also a really weird way to promote the movie since they put this final trailer up two days before the movie comes out. And for all 2 of you reading this, it comes out tomorrow so, I guess, stay super excited for this movie.
I honestly think they should have released this trailer a little earlier. I like the overall vibe of it. We still get the idea that Cooper's character is a down-and-out chef who is trying to open up another restaurant but at least with this trailer it's a little lighter in tone.
One of the earlier trailers seemed so melodramatic it was hard to convince myself that I'd see this movie for any other reason than gratuitous, raw, and uncensored shots of food porn. Because, come on, who's going to watch this for its narrative? There'll be some people who watch it for Bradley Cooper (me), some people who watch it for the plot (me), and most people will watch it to look at food (me).
Burnt will be in theaters tomorrow October 30th, 2015
I want to see this so badly!
Lol this is *exactly* what working in a restaurant is like XD right @JustinSpann ?