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Teen Top Sexy Moments

I have mentioned before that Teen Top is my bias group and have also said how I hope to see more Teen Top cards on here too. I made this card earlier with some song recommendations. Now I figured what better card to add then a card full of just Teen Top being hella sexy.
It isn't very hard, hahaha. Our boys must really love shattering Angels because they do this stuff A LOT.
Warning! The song is explicit so if you don't like that kind of stuff then I recommend you utilize the mute button.
There is of course much more, but if I don't stop here this card will never end. Let me know if you would like another card that is like this, maybe with funny moments or something like that. If you would leave it in the comments. Till next time. Annyeong!!!!
@stacyneroland Yes! Niel and LJoe are both tied for my biases in Teen Top.
aaah I just realized I spelled his name wrong :( lol Niel all the way maybe sum of Chunji too
I love TeenTop especially Neil
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