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Trying to choose between which Kdrama to watch first. (already started both) (She was pretty V.S Kill me Heal me V.S Hong Gil Dong) Comment which Kdrama are you watching?!!!! gogogogogogooo! palliiiiiii!
I'm currently watching "my secret hotel" with my bestie J and she has renamed it "Katie can't decided" cause I keep flip flopping between the male leads. I can't decide!!!! Haha
@cindystran kill me heal me was freaking awesome! I watched it and was not disappointed! Another one you might wanna check out is called "Bad Guys" it's not on DF or Viki but I watched it on YouTube. That one has ruined me for any other. It was so friggin good!!!!
I'm watching she was pretty:)
Goddess of marriage
I've only watch Hong Gil Dong. It's light, funny and cute! I heard good things about Kill Me Heal Me, but it looks intense! She was pretty is still airing, so I would wait until it's over? That's just my preference though...I hate waiting for a week to see what's gonna happen.
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