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During a live show on 'A Toda Máquina,' Enrique Tovar got handsy and inappropriate with co-host Tania Reza.
But what exactly happened? The video shows inappropriate touching by Tovar, and you can see Reza becoming increasingly angry and agitated (obviously). Tovar kept on with it, ignoring Reza's plead to stop.
After Reza had enough of Tovar's touching, she said "I can't work like this" and took off her microphone and walked off the set. Then Tovar said, "sorry, I think my co-host is a little hormonal."

Here's the video, and I'll talk about the controversy after....

After the show was aired, the two hosts were fired. Then the video went viral. And thennn the show faced a huge ass PR problem. Naturally.
Anyway, later everyone found out the video was a publicity stunt and the presenters just wanted the moment to go viral.
Is that really what happened?
Then the two hosts made an apology on YouTube, in which they explain that it was a pre-arranged hoax that just went to far. The show producers made a written statement saying how they had no knowledge of the skit. They put complete blame on the TV hosts.

Here's the finale:

Reza then took to her Facebook page insisting that the company pressured her to publicly take the blame. By the way, both hosts got their jobs back...

What do you think?

Was this a hoax played by the hosts?
Or was this on-set sexual harassment that really did happen, and a story was created to clean up the PR disaster?
These days, you don't know who tells the truth.
What happens on TV? Harassment /hoax / joke? It was really weird to me, all of which happened. I think this happened on live tv... @nicolejb
this happens on a daily basis off the television screen. I think it’s important for us to set an example though, this should not be on a tv screen.