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Civil War is coming... you know whose side you're on!

Civil War is coming, and you've chosen to side with Captain America. If you need a reminder, check out this card to refresh yourself as we begin to get excited for the release of Civil War next May. You don't like bullies, it doesn't matter where they're from. You stand for truth, justice, and freedom. And you're not going down without a fight!

#TeamCap it's time to Assemble!

Captain America is more better then tony tony has did some stupid stuff such as creating ultron and @jonpatrickhyde we are kicking Stark's butt.
I'll always choose integrity and optimism over ego and paranoia.
the soldiers who fought in WWII and the men and women at home who helped rebuild the US after the Great Depression have often been referred to as the "Greatest Generation".
hey! we're kicking team Stark's butt.
Cause Cap fights for JUSTICE!!!! >:) and he's just plains awesome He doesn't just rely on he's shield :) I love that about him! ^_^ unlike iron man he relays a lot of the time on he's suit way way to much boooooo for iron man! X)
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