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What this anime lacks in action it heavily makes up in beautifully crafted storytelling and animations. Not too say that there isn't any action or tension but it differs from other Anime.
This anime is soo chill mainly because the main character Ginko himself is soo chill. Ginko is a mushi master a man who basically deals with spirit like things.
Ginko travels around around Japan helping people with their mushi problems. Even when things get very intense Ginko always keeps his cool making you keep your cool too. He has a kind of Sasuke way about him.
This anime doesn't follow any real time or story line you could watch them in any order and it would make very little difference another reason it's soo chill. So if you are looking for something chill too watch with a lot of life lessons watch Mushi-shi.
@MaighdlinS whenever I was feeling indifferent I would watch this
wow that was supposed to say re-watch
I think I just need to reward check this... nvmd my growing list of anime to watch
mushi-shi is a beautifully crafted show.