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Civil War is coming... and you know whose side you're on.

You chose to side with Tony Stark during Civil War because you've seen the worst that can come to pass, and you never want it to happen again. (If you need a reminder on what Civil War is all about check out this card). You want to protect everyone. And let's face it, your solution might not be the most elegant, but you're doing what needs to be done.

#TeamStark Assemble!

Let's talk about our favorite hero @forgetmenots @gatorchick96 @BernardJackson @ForrestMcIntyre @mikeyypat98 @SeintoSeiya @ChiefAlphaGoat @MizukiDreyar10 how did you decide his side was the right one?
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@TambryInskeep welcome to #TeamStark ^_^
Because he's a sassy, sarcastic, funny SOB. He tries to protect everybody and he has the means to do it. Plus who doesn't love that platypus-loving, blueberry-devouring, asshole?
@TambryInskeep lol don't forget he doesn't like being handed things
Just finished civil war. Nasty shit storm. The resolution had a good solution so far haha. So pro Stark.
@JustinMims21 phew yeah that was a rough arc!