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Reaction videos to other things have always been a part of Internet culture. So it's not surprising to me that Disney (who own both Star Wars and Pixar and also the World) decided to have the Inside Out emotions react to the trailer for The Force Awakens. The part of this that is surprising, though, is the that I found it completely heartwarming.
Honestly, it was only a matter of time before someone else decided to make a mash-up of their own (you know I love mash-ups) so I thought it was a pretty good move on Disney's part to do it themselves.
I know I went through a whole series of emotions while watching the trailer and I think the reaction video above did an alright job of covering the flurry of emotions that I felt when I first saw the trailer last week or so ago. But the best reaction video? Probably John Boyega's reaction to seeing the trailer for the first time in a movie he's actually in.
I'm not sure if we've hit Star Wars overload just yet but even if we do I think I'll be one-hundred percent okay with it.