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Think the young generation doesn’t read? Well, think again.
Those kiddos are reading more than their grandparents and parent. And now their is a study to back it up.
In a recent Pew Research Study, 80 percent of those ages 18-29 read at least one book in the past year. And here’s how the older folks compared...
71 percent ages 30-49
68 percent ages 50-64
69 percent ages 65+

Why does it seem like they aren’t reading?

Easy. Ebooks. We see more and more people on their smartphones and assume they are texting or tweeting. Turns out, they might actually be reading.
In the same study it was discovered that young readers are (slowly) switching from hard printed books to ebooks.
But for readers over the age of 50, print books remain more popular than eBooks. So the remaining amount of book reading? Mobile, my friends.
As a young book lover and also a mobile book reader, I fully represent both of the findings in those studies. Where my millennial readers at?

Do you read for pleasure? What do you prefer to read? Mobile or printed books?

Printed books~~~ they smell so nice omg~~~
Ohh that’s so true @ErCurrent. I love love sitting in a bookstore and sifting through books and smelling them. I could spend days in book shop...especially ones with coffee shops...
@nicolejb by the time you're old like me your eyes are too far gone
I fit in the 71% bracket. I love reading for pleasure. I had a kindle once, I tried reading books through there. But I couldn't do it. I prefer books. I like going to Barnes and nobles and walking around looking at all types of books. I also like seeing my bookshelves filled with books. 😊
I actually agree with @GWeeN because there really is something about touching and smelling the physical book. Ebooks aee just more convenient for when I'm broke xD
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