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Think the young generation doesn’t read? Well, think again.
Those kiddos are reading more than their grandparents and parent. And now their is a study to back it up.
In a recent Pew Research Study, 80 percent of those ages 18-29 read at least one book in the past year. And here’s how the older folks compared...
71 percent ages 30-49
68 percent ages 50-64
69 percent ages 65+

Why does it seem like they aren’t reading?

Easy. Ebooks. We see more and more people on their smartphones and assume they are texting or tweeting. Turns out, they might actually be reading.
In the same study it was discovered that young readers are (slowly) switching from hard printed books to ebooks.
But for readers over the age of 50, print books remain more popular than eBooks. So the remaining amount of book reading? Mobile, my friends.
As a young book lover and also a mobile book reader, I fully represent both of the findings in those studies. Where my millennial readers at?

Do you read for pleasure? What do you prefer to read? Mobile or printed books?

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But I do love when people give me books as gifts :) those are the best @FannyWard
Yeeeeees. I love that!
Here ladies, this link should let you download a free Kindle version of my book. A .mobi file. Opens with most ereader platforms. 400 pages. Some readers told me they finished it in two days. Took me two years to complete and they barreled through in two days! Was flattering at least. :)
I'm such a shameless bibliophile! I love books in any format, but my preference is definitely a hardcover tree-killer. The aged lignin smell is relaxing and nostalgia-inducing, and I may have a slight addiction to inhaling it's delicious fragrances. However, I also love that my digital library saves an enormous amount of square-footage in my small, overpopulated home. LOL
Lol, @BeannachtOraibh that's a really good point. Another benefit to buying books mobile is saving trees and space! I think I'd prefer a hard copy, but digital is definitely more convenient.