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My group's label will be Cube Entertainment.
5 members? That's about perfect if you ask me. I think anything over 7 is a bit much, not enough time in a song to enjoy everyone's parts if they don't get much time.
8 years seems like a pretty good run for a pop group. I guess we will be pretty functional ^_^
I had no idea that this was a thing. Basically the poster member, huh? Well, I will do my best. My singing isn't too great so I don't think I'd make it as a lead vocal anyways hehe.
Oooh! I like them, I'll get me some Jang Hyunseung *_^! Makes sense though, since it's the same label.
Solo, eh? Not sure how well I would do solo when I'm a visual member, but hey, I can get voice lessons!
1. M.A or MA, my initials, would work. 2. Yoo Youngjae from B.A.P. 3. Funny/Shy one. Shy at first but then I get funny when I'm more comfortable. 4. As a visual apparently I'm pretty good at being really, really ridiculously good looking. Just kidding, I'm pretty good at dancing; possibly choreography. 5. Probably my natural brown. 6. Mama's. Bonus: uh.. Convixens, like convicts but vixens...we're gonna be bad-ass.
So you're Hyuna pretty much
Apparently. Not sure if I'm happy about that lol
Hyunas so good though lol
Oh! I wasn't sure how you meant it lol she's not bad. I used to listen to the Wonder Girls.
I'm a super 4minute addict so I love Hyuna, even though Ji Yoon is my bias