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I think Lee KiKwang is sooo hot! He is the commensurate professional. He can be completely nerdy but at the same time he is drop dead gorgeous. I love how pure his heart is - which is why he can tend to be so gullible. I love watching him dance. I love how he can put himself, not last necessarily ... but where he is thinking of the bigger picture. He did this when making the decision to step, not behind the other members of Beast but beside them when the group was being formed. He had wisdom beyond his years that allowed him to recognize he was going to be more successful as part of Beast than he may or may not have been by himself. I believe this kind of attitude takes maturity - especially when you consider how young he was when he had to face this tough decision. He has my respect for being able to do so. This is why Kiki is my bias and what makes me love him so much.
Thank you for letting my share this with you. I appreciate the Vingle family for giving me an opportunity to show you what I care about. I hope you enjoyed Day 4 of this 30 Day Beast Challenge - Until tomorrow ... I hope you will be curious to see what Day 5 will have in store.
Yoseob! I absolutely love and adore his goofy personality and he's the most precious thing. His voice is swoon worthy as well, so he's perfect all around! I also Like Dujun & Dongwoon though. So I have three biases from Beast.
that's bae
I admire Kikwang so much for his beginning! Like many of Beast, they thought their dreams were over and he was so humble and wonderful to join Beast whole heartedly after his solo didn't do well. He calls it his second chance and it's so beautiful. Love Kiki!