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2NE1 made special special initial necklaces in celebration of the third anniversary of their debut. On May 18, Sandara Park uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “These are initial necklaces that we made with our initials. We made these in celebration of the third anniversary of our debut! C+D+M+B=2NE1.” Park Bom also uploaded the same picture and commented, “It’s been three years already since our debut. There were happy moments and sad moments. We took a lot of pictures together. Looking back into the past, we shared so many memories together. We’ll try hard not to forget our original intention.” In the pictures, there are necklaces made with 2NE1 members’ initials. With CL’s C, Sandara Park’s D, Min Ji’s M, and Park Bom’s B put together, meaningful necklaces have been created. Se7en offered his congratulations to 2NE1, commenting on his Twitter account, “Congratulations on the third anniversary of your debut. I’ll look forward to seeing your greater performances!” The fans of 2NE1 responded: “I hope you all can be with us for 30 years or more,” “I hope you don’t lose your distinctive style as 2NE1,” “I can’t wait to hear your new songs. Congratulations on the third anniversary of your debut.” 2NE1 debuted with their first digital single album Lollipop on 2009, and it has become three years since their debut. Source: Starnews via