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Hulk Movie? Yay or nay?

Hulk SMASH.... the box office.

At least, that's what we'd hope. But The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton barely made back the production costs (grossing $134 million domestically when it cost $150 million to produce). That's actually less than the 2005 Fantastic Four film, and its opening weekend was actually less impressive than the 2003 Eric Bana Hulk film.

That's what it seems like anyway.

And truth be told, if the Hulk were a female character, Hollywood would have given up on him by now (if they even bothered to give him a chance in the first place). Why hasn't anyone been able to get it together and bring us a Hulk movie that hits it out of the ballpark? The character has consistently been a much-adored part of the ensemble films. Why hasn't it worked when he's gone solo?

There's too much potential to give up now.

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i think there should be a movie focused on banner and hulks split. take a look from both angles and see who the real monster is.
yay, planet hulk. being exiled from earth and learn to stay in the hulk state long enough to comprehend his anger. this is when Dr. Banner can take control of the hulk. Turning gray instead of green, that's stable power but if you need more then go green.
@HappysaysAye how do you feel about a Hulk movie? @mugeneri oooh yeah there's some good metaphors there :D I feel like that's what the first one tried, it just missed the mark, ya know? @MichaelLopez so true, I feel like we're reached a point with movie special effects that they could do a really good job with that
agreed, if they can pull it off with avatar sure this well be a tasking project!
@MichaelLopez ooooh good point! They've come such a long way that probably isn't even a question, it's just budget (which, come on Disney has it) and the desire to do it. Which I think will come when their audience is missing the Hulk by this time next year