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My cat Riley decided she would keep all the cover to herself and she looks soo peaceful I don't wanna disturb her even though I am Freezing
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awww your kitty looks so much like mine and it鈥檚 making me miss him (technically my parents cat, but still)
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@nicolejb lol aaaw speaking of missing kitties I am going to miss my lil babe when I go off into the Navy 馃槩
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ohhh that鈥檚 so sad! but awesome for you! both my dad and brother are in the army, grandfather was in the navy. so I know that life :) @stacyneroland
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@nicolejb you have a family filled with Heros but know my mom will take good care of her. I fear she might forget me tho
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awww I hope not! when I come back to visit my kitty (sometimes long months), my kitty still comes and cuddles with me at night. it鈥檚 the best thing @stacyneroland
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