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Jennifer Lopez performed in at Madison Square Garden in New York City this past Wednesday, and she damn-right rocked a sexy outfit. It was a low-cut body suit that showed those awesome curves.
She's in her fourties, and Jennifer Lopez is still killin' it.
(Boricua don't crack -- am I right, or am I right?!)

I love how much confidence and life she brought to the stage! Check out these photos of her hot look:

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think it's great that's she's owning and rocking her body -- even as a mother. But I think I can see where you're coming from!
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J Lo doesn't age. Like...she hasn't in years. She must be a vampire!
2 years ago·Reply
On the outside maybe, but on the inside? Hmmmm.. Love her, though! lol
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@TesStevens right!? she looks amazing
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