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My Name makes a contract with one of the biggest agencies in Japan
Boy group My Name made a contract with Yoshimoto Creative Agency. Yoshimoto Creative Agency is one of the biggest agencies in Japan. On May 18, they announced that My Name became the first Korean singing group to make a contract with them and they’re currently promoting the group in Japan on a large scale.” Because My Name hasn’t debuted in Japan yet, it’s quite unusual to receive such an offer from Yoshimoto Creative Agency. In April, My Name visited Yoshimoto Creative Agency and were welcomed by all employees. Shino Isao, the chiarman of Yoshimoto Creative Agency personally visited the recording studio of My Name and encouraged them. Yoshimoto Creative Agency says, “Because they’re the first Korean singing group to make a contract with us, we’re planning to promote them on a large scale in Japan. As My Name will soon come back to the Korean music scene, we also sent one of our employees to Korea.” H2 Media, My Name’s agency, says, “We think My Name is receiving wide attention because one of the biggest Japanese agencies made such an offer to a new singing group that hasn’t even debuted in Japan. It’s quite unusual for a Japanese agency to send one of its employees to Korea for its artist. Because My Name is debuting in Japan in July, they’re currently planning large-scale promotional events.” My Name will release a teaser of the music video of their first single album on May 21. Source: TV Report via korea.com
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