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We made it weird Marvelers!

The Mad Lib this week went in some... interesting directions. It was awesome. Check out out monstrosity below:
Late last night Tony Stark was working in his lab on a sexy, strong chair when he decided to grab a midnight snack. He was practically sleep-walking, dreaming of chitterlings when he heard a crash in his kitchen. Scratching his foot, he farted into the room.
"Deadpool?" Yup, Tony blinked but it was definitely a wild Deadpool rummaging through his fridge. "I have to say, this is a hard surprise. Usually when someone breaks into my home, they go for the valuable towels or try to kidnap me. You digging for gold in there?"
Deadpool tossed a comic store over his shoulder. "I'm so hungry Stark, you have no idea. Where do you hide all the stuff covered in cheese? I have a mighty need."
Tony came closer, leaning over the fridge, careful to keep his middle finger and other extremities out of arm's reach, just in case.
"Try the freezer, next to the cassette player, you know, where normal people keep that stuff. Because everything about this situation is totally normal."
Deadpool hit for the cheesy stuff, sliding. Suddenly, there was a tiny crash as the wall fell down! Another Deadpool was there!
"Well okay, I must be dreaming." Tony grumbled. "And this isn't the fun kind of dream either. I'm going to have to ask my subconscious for a refund. This is not the kind of service I was expecting here."
"That!" The other Deadpool was laughing. "Is an IMPOSTER."
The first Deadpool growled, lonely. "How can we be sure *you're* not the imposter?"
Tony sighed.
"Just clean up when you're done. I don't need to explain the mess to Pepper, especially when it's not my fault for once."
"Fight me!" Proclaimed the first Deadpool, waving around a lightsaber.
"There can only be one!" The second Deadpool proclaimed, brandishing a folding chair and nunchucks. "Except for that time there was a lady version of me! That was acceptable."
Tony yawned.
The two Deadpools battled, until only one remained. There were severed toes all over the floor. It was a mess.
"You got a mop?" Deadpool asked Tony. "There's kind of blood everywhere."
"Check the closet with John Cena." Tony shrugged. "That's where I'd put it."
Deadpool snorted.
"You're real weird, Mr. Stark."


Thank you so much to @raenel @DanaMichelle @animechild51 @DarthRevan @chris98vamg and @trin1991 for making this magic happen with me. You'll all be featured in a very special version of next week's Mad Lib!
I hope you enjoyed this wild ride Mad Lib crew! @ChiefAlphaGoat @danidee @YoSoySoysauce @CandaceJordan @ButterflyBlu @Luci546 @ChibiFox @loftonc16 @Marichel @EmrysHeartnet @amobigbang @maxi217 I'll see you all next week! Please comment if you'd like to be tagged in the next Marvel Lib game!
@Lawzo lol we got a john Cena joke in here too XD
haha. OMFG @shannonI5 To funny! sorry I didn't contribute!
is it just me or is this just normal for deadpool
@trin1991 well you know I would have never thought of that!
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