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So these days, I am a bit lost. In life, but more importantly in anime lol. My favorite animes are done: Bleach, Naruto, and Attack on Titan (for now). One Piece is just not enough... So that brings me to my question: Which anime should I start to watch? Is Fairy Tail really the best choice for me?
Is it funny? Is it funnier than One Piece?
How badass a fighter is Natsu compared to Naruto? Yes, Naruto is my benchmark... Could Natsu hold himself in a fight against Naruto?
Yes, those are the two most important things to me when it comes to starting an anime... Please don't judge me lol If you have any other animes that you want to suggest to me, please hellppppppp save me from my boredom!
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Fairy Tail is perfect! You should definitely watch it.
fairy tail is an amazing anime so you should watch it plus Dragon Ball Has a new series that was created by the same one that did Dragon ball and Dragon Ball Z
yes it's funny yes its bad ass, and yes he could beat the crap out of naruto, I love naruto I really do but Natsu, well you'll just have too watch it to see why and trust me, you will.
fairy tail is awesome but sword art online is also very good
idk how funny one piece is but i can tell you that Fairy Tail is definately very funny and Natsu could definately hold his own against naruto depending on which arc your talking about depends on how well he could handle naruto.