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If some of you don't know this, I'm pretty much a die-hard New York Knicks fan [there are a couple of reasons why] so you could imagine how excited, how happy, and elated I was watching last night's season starting game between this new, revitalized, reenergized, and team-focused Knicks team and the Bucks.
Last season, the Knicks had at 17 win season, for those of you that don't know basketball, there are 82 games in the season and to win only 17 is a percentage that I can't figure out without asking someone who's good at math or my dad.
So watching the ball zip back and forth whenever they were on the offensive end was amazing. It felt great. And I think it's the passing and the continuity that helped them win their first game out. Also, there's something about team basketball that just looks beautiful. It's like watching your favorite musicians jam out on their respective instruments for a couple minutes.
Each player was a different band member and they all played their part. And that's something I, personally, haven't seen while watching the Knicks in a while. Last year's disappointing season, it looked like there weren't any pieces that fit into the Triangle System and everyone wanted to be the king of the court. That wasn't the case last night.
The new additions to the team that saw playing time were a great sight to see (Aaron Afflalo is still out with an injury). Every one of the players put everything out there on the court and I think that's what New York Knick fans want to see in their team.
It was hard for me not to scream at the top of my lungs while I watched the game last night for the first time not by my brother's side. Instead, we corresponded via iMessage and had a conversation that, honestly, inspired me to write this card.
We noticed how the whole team mentality felt different. The ball was moving around the court instead of staying in one person's hand too long. It felt like everyone on the court was out there to win it for their team instead of become the player of the game. The chemistry was different and it was obvious, to me anyway.
And it's like I said earlier, it was like watching a band play. I felt like I was watching jazz music being played. At times the game looked hectic but as the plays on the floor developed it was like hearing a symphony.
And I hope, hope, hope that they can keep this up for most of the season. I can't wait to see what happens tonight at the Knicks home opener against the Atlanta Hawks.
Yeah bro last year was a huge disappointment....hopefully they can step their shit up and make it to the playoffs. Good thing Melo is still on the team!
@karencorchado @DannyMoses Here is a card that my Knicks fans will be interested in! Did you guys watch opening night?
They should be a good team if they move the ball around and look for open man. I project them to be 5 or 6th seed in the east.