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After a recent poll of Silicon Valley insiders, it was discovered that only 30 percent of the top tech-lovers are getting (or got) an Apple Watch. So, that’s 70 percent that said: nope. no thanks to Apple’s newest brainchild.
101 executives, innovators, and thinkers weighed in at the Atlantic and they all echoed the same thing: the Apple watch failed to meet expectations.
Check out this funny parody of why people think the watch sucks.
Part of it’s funny, but hey it’s a parody video so it get’s pretty crazy.
So even some of the biggest technological leaders of our time are buying into the watch, and regular people aren’t buying into it.
As a pretty faithful iPhoner, I must say I have to agree with these guys. I don’t see the point.

How many iPhone users out there have feelings about the watch?

I don’t know anyone that has the desire, except for my Apple-obsessed father. haha @Zekiya hahahahaha speaking of Knight Rider I would love to see a remake of that. @InPlainSight
I will not consider buying a smart watch period. I'm not an iPhone user, but even the Galaxy Watch don't seem that appealing. I'm staring at my phone so much already don't need an extra source of distraction.....and its way worse than a phone!
yeah that is pretty good point. I’m distracted enough by technology to get another one @mchlyang!
yeah, they pride themselves on being the first one though! it just didn’t work well this time unfortunately @DaivonUnderwood :/ haha the proud and the few are still getting them though. hahahah @ButterflyBlu I can see how the potential snags would be an issue. but yeah sometimes just going out dancing it’s fun to have a little moving jewelry. wouldn’t want the watch to get scratched though.
It was just a money move. When you get greedy, this is what happens 😁 Apple tried to capitalize on the watch market first but didn't really succeed. They should've waited at lease another two years. Doing this, they could've seen how popular the idea really was.@nicolejb
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