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Oh man this book keeps getting better. After exploring more about the other boys in the book we finally get to know more about Jude.

And boy is he an interesting person.

He doesn’t talk about what happened in his past, but we are getting more and more clues. On top of that we FEEL a lot of what he’s experiencing. Every wince, pain, or struggle (even though we don’t know the struggle).
And what about the brothers? Like Catholic brothers?
And what about the scars?
And And what about Montana? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Ok, so this isn’t so much a specific question. Just let me know what you feel and what you think about Jude. What do you think happened to him? Do you like Jude? Why?

Also: ok, last theory. Anyone notice the cover image and think of a certain character?! thoughts?!
you all are the best :) so excited to talk this week.
I agree Jude has been abused mental, physically, and sexually for a long period. The physical was likely the cause of his disability. @szewwy Maybe right I do not know if it was brothers but definitely male. Whomever he or they were he can not or will not blame them. He has internalized a great deal of anger and self hatred.
I think Jude was beaten and raped (I'm going to guess by all/most of the brothers) that's what I think the book was trying to tell us without directly telling us you know? I really like Jude because he kinda reminds me of myself or someone I'd want to date since he's so mild mannered and I'm a cutter too, I feel we would be good for each other. After reading I also thought that the pic on the cover would be Jude.
Agreed! @Ercurrent I've never been through that sort've pain and I know because of how the author describes it! I feel so bad for Jude, especially since he blames himself for the pain. And anyone on the outside (mostly us reading the book) do NOT think he deserves that pain in his life!
I was so impressed with the vividness of Jude's pain...the author did an incredible job of helping you to understand a bit of what his life is like without really telling you what happened to cause it. His opinions of himself absolutely break my heart.
I agree with the previously started theories! I think Jude is on the cover too!! <3 @Swhitta @nicolejb remember men have a very different dynamic to them than women. They tend to not want to intrude on each other's personal lives and feelings, on an emotional level. Sure they'll shoot the breeze, talk about sex lives, etc. but when it comes to personal things like pain, your past, etc., some guys just won't go there until the other guy chooses to want to talk about it. Just a thought. (I have too many brothers!!! lol) I have to say, I love this book!!
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