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For as long as I can remember from Godzilla up to dragons, I have found dragons to be the best beasts that was ever imagined! I have done my own digging with dragons and even somewhat think they once lived but I'm not to strong on that choice yet. but The movie "How to train your dragon" isn't that far from the truth, over 1,000 different kinds of dragons to choose from with different kinds of abilities! if you have any kind of dragon I would love to hear what fascinates you the most about it!! it could be from a movie to books any kind you like
I have a lot more photos in my dragon of time dragon land card in my pf if you enjoyed the dragons shown
@QueenSkitz awesome :D I want to be a writer and artist to make my own anime books :3 it's exciting
nice: you knew: ryujin or ryojin meaning dragon god
@DragonOfTime I wish I could draw. I need someone to illustrate my bool1
all art i have is commissioned
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