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He actually knows what he's talking about.

That's right, he's not just Iron Man: Tony Stark is an actual self-help guru. And he's here tonight to help solve your dating woes. Make use of has compiled some of the worst dating advice on the internet, and Tony's here to shut it down.

Don't: Pretend to be gay to trick women into dating you.

Sure, there's a stereotype that women want to spend more time with gay men than they do with straight ones- and maybe there's some truth to that. Maybe women just want to spend time with a guy they don't think will hit on them. Or maybe women have just bought into the stereotypes about gay men being well-versed in the things they care about. Either way, it's never okay to violate someone's trust, whether they're a potential partner or not.

Do: Be honest and up-front about who you are and what you're about.

Life is too short to pretend to be someone else. Instead of wasting your effort on people who don't want the real you, expend that energy with people who actually care about who you genuinely are.

Don't: Toy with someone's feelings, or play "hard to get".

Shut it down. Our society is confused enough about what consent is, no need to make the situation worse. Playing games like this is really not funny. All it does is mean that you're sending indecipherable messages- and if you do feel like you need to revoke your consent for real it won't be clear what you mean.

Do: Be clear and direct about what you want.

Anyone who can't deal with that does not deserve you.

Don't: Stop giving a crap about anything to avoid being hurt.

Sure, it can be appealing to just throw logic to the wind and stop caring. And maybe if you were going to die tomorrow, that might be a viable option. But chances are you're going to have to deal with the consequences of your actions some time soon.

Do: Be a responsible human being.

Seriously. Unless you are a toddler you probably need to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. That means not treating other people like garbage.

Now get out there and make the magic happen!

Not just a rich, bad boy, super hero, (sometimes)douche bag, but also a dating adviser. XD
also magazines terrible advice for all
@lanejlzero thank you! Yeah apparently there's a lot of dating websites giving out that terrible advice
@ButterflyBlu AGREED. And it drives me bananas every time I see it in a magazine or something. I understand if you're shy and you're afraid of rejection, but that's not a good excuse to toy with someone or play 'hot and cold'. Rejection sucks, but if you're afraid of it then it might mean you're not ready to get out there yet. No shame in admitting that
Ugh. That hard to get crap is...CRAP. >.<
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