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I've been obsessed with soft drinks, like coke, sprite and every other drink in that category. SO! I've made a new promise to myself for 2013, to drink naturally flavored water instead of coke I will only drink water or infused water. I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep this promise, but this will start from tomorrow! I will post of the different combinations of water I will be drinking and let you know if I feel healthier :D Here is one of the links that will give you different combinations and also the way to flavor your own water! http://www.sheknows.com/how-to/articles/958987/how-to-make-flavored-water-at-home
@sarah6482 this is not from me actuallyyyyy! i saw it around but i thought it would be a great idea to start drinking flavored waterrr :D
what a creative girl you are!!! :) I'd like to learn various ways you show as much as possible^^
@Tapsamai hahahaha let me know how it goes! i just switched to water.....oranges were too sweet... :3
This card would be In my collection for being a healthier person, not this week, but maybe next month I start :D
@miranpark88 I did it. You were right I figured it out and I did create the card for it. I will do more now tomorrow since I figured it out.
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