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I'm Posting Three Vids of V for [Fancam Feed] Because I Can

No, I don't have a problem.

No, I don't find his voice strangely addicting.
No, I don't catch myself staring at his stupid tongue that he can't keep in his stupid mouth.


Here we go!

DOPE at Show Champ (150701)

Everything about this is wonderful, from his outfit to his face to his stupid tongue to his dancing. Just wow. WOW V OK WE GET IT YOU'RE GREAT.

War of Hormones at SAF (141223)

The suit! The hair! His deep voiced lines! Everything!!!! THE TONGUE & THE DANCING AT 1:40 BYE V BYE.

I Like It at Suwon Women's University Festival (141001)

Whew. Let's wind down with a slow jam. That was quite the marathon of fancams.
Tagging my BTS loving friends because everyone deserves to see these three videos!!!

(also lol i just realized I've already posted one of these videos BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH OK?)

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