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Confession time: I've never even listened to this song before. This will be a reaction along with a practice room post, so please forgive me when I know ones name. Ok? Ok. Here we go!

HERO Fixed cam version

- I like that they color coord'd to all black well
- Their legs?? Are all? So Slim??
- who is the really really skinny one with black hair and the rips just at the knees? because...cute....
- they're all like really, really, really attraction. Who's gonna give me a Monsta X lesson??
- wait, I have heard this song before, but is this a remix?? I'm confused but it sounds pretty alright'
OK their synchronization is no joke, but they're all like really, really, REALLY skinny. Too skinny?? Idk!!

What do you guys like about Monsta X/ this video?? Teach me things!!

Tagging some people I saw posting about Monsta X so they can teach me ;)
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I will tag you in a post, explaining the names and some stuff about them to help. And their legs are really skinny....I worry about them. They used to have a little more meat on their bones. It makes me sad that they got so skinny.
@byeolbit its okay im still in the process of learning thier names & im pretty sure that i reacted the same way that you did. Like when they lifted thier shirts I screamed lol
But they do look really skinny. I hope they do get some meat on their bones.
You're talking about one of my Bias's Knees Jean Rip Hyungwon ♡ ;D Handsome right? lol I haven't watched this video yet, I know bad monbebe but I was out of the country and just got back a day ago and need to catch up! I will gladly help you with Monsta X knowledge! Ask Away :D I love talking about them!! & @ILikeHisFace123 is right in their No Mercy stahe they were more meaty but have been working their butts off to get to the top so I think that's why they lost a lot of weight! Exactly why I support them so much! We probably can't stop them from over working so much but the most we can do is support them. Monsta x is a 7 member group. 5 vocals and 2 rappers. Let's start with the Vocals - Shownu (Leader), Hyungwon, Kihyun, Wonho, and Minhyuk. Rappers - Jooheon (King of Aegyo) and I.M (Speaks English)
This is the remix I like the original beter